Appin Hall Children’s Foundation has welcomed the generosity of many corporate companies and private individuals who have associated their name (brand) and credentials through financial support or by donating product or service to our cause. The response over the past six years has remained consistent and we are delighted that local and national companies, and community organizations, are still eager to further their association with our initiatives that benefit the children.

Essentially, not-for-profit organisations live and breathe through the generosity and goodwill of sponsorship and donations, therefore AHCF relies on public awareness through its promotion, marketing and personal contact, to measure and deliver objectives that underpin building strong relations and business development. A Business Development Manager has been sourced to assist commerce opportunities, financial planning and forecasts, and to raise the Foundations profile by taking our plan to the wider corporate and private sectors.

AHCF has Tax Deductible Status (TDS) and is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). To-date, most corporate companies and philanthropic donors understand the benefits of sponsorship funding for our Foundation for it to continue its building program, general operations and ongoing administration.
 We believe our associations and partnerships the integral driving force behind our vision to serve the most important aspect of community welfare – our children.

Together we are incorporating and accomplishing common aims and objectives and an opportunity for a better world in which our children can live. We view our associations and partnerships as vital for the respite and security of innocent and/or disadvantaged children.

All donations over $2 are Tax Deductible.

" Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success. "

- Ronnie Burns

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