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Ronnie and Children in Launceston Christmas Parade
Ronnie and Children in Launceston Christmas Parade

Appin Hall is dedicated to the future generations who will intuitively understand our planetary need for peace and harmony if the human race is to survive as a species....we must protect our children and their future.

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Building Programs

Our Building Development Program, and its swift implementation, will enable the proposed village complex to be completed within anticipated time frames. Procuring the required financial support will render the facility capable of accommodating up to 130 children plus 6 carers.

The Children

Children are our most treasured resource seeking to live in a vital world. At Appin Hall our aim is to provide a safe and loving environment where children can reach their highest potential.

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We welcome the generosity of anyone willing to support the Appin Hall Children's Foundation. Please right click on the link to Download the donation form below or simply donate using the PayPal Donate button.

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" If we can revise our attitudes toward the land under our feet, if we can accept a role of steward, and depart from the role of conqueror, if we can accept the view that man and nature are inseparable parts of the unified whole - then Tasmania can be a shining beacon in a dull, uniform, and largely artificial world. "

- Olegas Truchanus (1971)

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Appin Hall Children's Foundation is a voluntary organisation which can only survive with very important and well appreciated donations.  Please donate to Appin Hall and make a difference in a little one's life who needs it in difficult physical and emotional times for the whole family.

Your generosity is truly appreciated.

Ronnie and Maggie Burns (founders of Appin Hall)


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Maggie Winning the Pride of Australia - National award for the category of  'Care & Compassion'

Watch the 2 videos below:

Pride of Australia – Care & Compassion award

Pride of Australia

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